• Here comes summer!

    Here comes summer!

    5th May 2021

    Steve Rowe gets all eco-friendly and wonders how ‘green’ our future lifestyles will be… Slouching at my computer, glumly staring out at the rain soaking my recently hung-out washing, has got me thinking about global warming and the potential for…

  • 5 birds to spot this spring

    5 birds to spot this spring

    7th April 2021

      Springtime feels like it’s going to be even more exciting than ever this year! As well as the national unlocking, here are five birds you can look forward to seeing in and around your park home… After a year…

  • Gardening for wildlife

    Gardening for wildlife

    10th March 2021

    Wildlife expert Jenny Shelton explains how you can make your park home garden a more attractive proposition for the birds, bees and everything in between… We might be spending more time in our gardens again this spring so get planting…

  • Fast-track your park home search

    Fast-track your park home search

    10th February 2021

    Quickmove Properties helps people to find and purchase their new park homes in retirement hotspots, without the hassle or delays. We find out more… If you’re considering a park move in 2021 its worth browsing the new and improved brochure…



    13th January 2021

    One of the UK’s best loved park home and holiday lodge manufacturers has kicked off 2021 with a bang by bringing together a raft of useful information explaining the buying process and the options available to prospective purchasers… Northamptonshire-based park…

  • When ‘what lies beneath’ is total reassurance!

    When ‘what lies beneath’ is total reassurance!

    18th November 2020

    We check out chassis types with Gateway Chassis Solutions. Bella Brodie reports… Not many of us tend to think too hard about the underside of our park and leisure homes, leaving that to the manufacturers we’re buying from to make…

  • A Different Christmas

    A Different Christmas

    21st October 2020

    Peter Jones, a park home resident at Marston Edge, in Warwickshire, looks ahead to the festive season at this most uncertain of times… As this is our December issue, I thought I’d address the festive season this month. Christmas is…

  • Time to tidy!

    Time to tidy!

    22nd September 2020

    With summer displays over and leaves falling thick and fast, now is the perfect time for a thorough garden tidy up, advises Benedict Vanheems Autumn is when nature takes a breather, allowing us gardeners to finally catch up! Things have…

  • You’ll never be lonely on a residential park!

    You’ll never be lonely on a residential park!

    26th August 2020

    Industry specialist Quickmove Properties tells us why the modern park home lifestyle is perfect for singletons as well as couples Around one in five Quickmove’s customers move to a park on their own, rather than as part of a couple.…

  • Jean & Don’s Home Help

    Jean & Don’s Home Help

    29th July 2020

    Continuing our new series, Jean Creen and her handyman husband ‘DIY’ Don offer more household tips and advice. This month Jean shows us how to make immune system-boosting juices… The coronavirus crisis has made more and more of us think…