8th June 2018

    Organising your personal finances might seem daunting. When you’ve got an active park home social scene to enjoy, it can be something of a hassle, too. But neglecting these important matters may have serious implications. Fear not though, our guide…

  • Live well, eat cheap

    9th May 2018

    It’s possible to beat the marketing men at the big food companies and eat well for less. Here are a few tips to get you started… Retailers spend a lot of time and effort enticing you to buy certain products,…

  • Do your homework!

    12th April 2018

    Working from your home is great way to earn extra cash. You can even earn from your home, especially if it’s a holiday home… There are actually plenty of opportunities to make a little extra money, especially in the close…

  • Save on Motoring

    Save on Motoring

    16th March 2018

    After more than a century where mass-market motoring changed relatively little, the car industry is now going through major changes, with the likes of hybrid cars and electric cars now presenting a challenge to petrol and diesel-powered vehicles. For those…

  • Case law update: Recovery of annual licence fees via the pitch fee

    Case law update: Recovery of annual licence fees via the pitch fee

    10th May 2017

    The Leasehold Advisory Services’ senior legal advisor Richard Hand and solicitor Ibraheem Dulmeer examine two important cases relating to local authorities’ licence fee charges and the implications for site owners and park residents  From 1 April 2014, local authorities have…

  • All about pitch fee reviews

    All about pitch fee reviews

    15th March 2017

    Pitch fee changes can often become something of a bone of contention between park and home owners. The Leasehold Advisory Service explains when, and by how much, the charge should be applied… A pitch agreement is an agreement that sets…

  • Utility charges on residential park homes

    Utility charges on residential park homes

    15th February 2017

    The amount of money park home residents pay for gas, electricity and water is sometimes something of a thorny issue. KBG Chambers’ Rawdon Crozier and Ibraheem Dulmeer, a solicitor from the Leasehold Advisory Service (LEASE), explore some of the most…

  • Frequently Asked Questions on park home matters

    Frequently Asked Questions on park home matters

    13th July 2016

    The Leasehold Advisory Service (LEASE) answers questions on a variety of topics by telephone, email or letter for park home owners, site owners and other parties with an interest in park home legislation. LEASE’s Antony Tregenna and Manjit Rai work…