• Is your shopping bill a whopping bill?

    Is your shopping bill a whopping bill?

    13th May 2022

    The increasing cost of food and other necessities has put a real strain on some people’s budgets, especially retired people with a limited income. However, there are still some ways to save on your shopping bill, especially if you’ve got…

  • Make home work

    Make home work

    12th April 2022

    Steve Rowe has some ideas for making money while at home… We’ve come a long way since the days of ‘satanic mills’, when even children were forced to work in mills and factories. These days, some people can earn their…

  • Cost of living crisis: what can I do?

    Cost of living crisis: what can I do?

    17th March 2022

    Fuel costs are rising, food costs are rising, taxes are rising, interest rates are rising, plus the rising rate of inflation is hitting the headlines. This is having a real impact, particularly on retired people living in park homes, with…

  • Release over £100k by downsizing!

    Release over £100k by downsizing!

    15th December 2021

    According to figures from park specialist Ouickmove Properties, property owners free up a whopping £100,010 on average when downsizing to a residential park home… The past year has seen record numbers of retirees moving to modern, luxury residential park developments…

  • Secure your dream park home with ease

    Secure your dream park home with ease

    19th November 2021

    Enjoy a hassle-free move by using Quickmove’s five-star rated home part-exchange service… We all know that moving home can be one of the most stressful times in our lives, but it doesn’t need to be. Quickmove Properties offers a partexchange…

  • Get Planning

    Get Planning

    19th October 2021

    A quarter of those aged 50 to 61 are not financially prepared for retirement – a new report has revealed… Research from RoyaleLife, one of the UK’s leading park operators, has shown that a growing number of soon-to-be retirees have…

  • Evaluating the costs

    Evaluating the costs

    22nd September 2021

    Bella Brodie reports on the impact of the pandemic on our sector, explaining why it’s a complicated picture… While the increased demand for UK staycations has had a positive effect on the marketplace, it’s not without a few issues behind…



    2nd June 2021

    Retirees across the nation are putting themselves first when it comes to finances, according to a new study by park operator RoyaleLife… As the pandemic continues to change how we live, work and play, a new study has revealed that…

  • New Priorities for Buyers

    New Priorities for Buyers

    5th May 2021

    A new report has revealed that the pandemic has changed prospective home buyers’ property wish list. We learn more… The coronavirus pandemic is changing the way we live, work and play – but it is also causing a huge shift…



    10th February 2021

    While we’re all still in the midst of a deadly global pandemic, barrister Ibraheem Dulmeer – – explains why it’s never been more important to make a will… A will lets you decide what happens to your money, property…