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Should park home residents have to pay monthly council tax as well as plot fees?

March 2018 Editor's Welcome

March blogWith spring now well and truly on the way, there’s an almost palpable sense of excitement to be felt on the UK’s best parks. After the semi-hibernation of the winter months, ‘the ice is slowly melting’ as former Beatle George Harrison once so memorably sung.

For many park residents, ice and snow present worrisome challenges when it comes to mobility and getting about. So it was really nice to learn of the efforts of big-hearted site owner Jason Barr, who kept things moving at his Herefordshire park, Norton Manor, with the aid of his own personal snow plough!

Jason had been chomping at the bit to deploy his expensive new ‘toy’ for a couple of winters and finally got his chance this time around. Read all about his family’s efforts on page 33. But now the daffodils are starting to bloom and the sound of birdsong is beginning to return, the worst excesses of winter are (hopefully) done for. While an unrivalled sense of community spirit and neighbourliness undoubtedly make parks great places to hole up for the winter - who needs a Netflix boxset when you’ve got a buoyant park social club? - everything looks brighter and feels better in the spring. We’re bringing you a lovely selection of sites inside your March issue, including a belting brace in Cambridgeshire and others in Gwynedd, Hertfordshire, Herefordshire and Yorkshire. Just turn to page ten to get started!

We’ve also loaded the issue with fab new homes from the nation’s favourite specialist manufacturers. Don’t miss our review of a couple of real beauties from Omar and Willerby, a brace of fine companies that are doing their bit to add some razzmatazz and glamour to a vibrant scene (see page 40).

If all that has whet your appetite for more parks and homes, why not enter our competition to win one of ten pairs of tickets for the upcoming Caravan, Camping, and Motorhome Show, which takes place soon (see page 99). As well as this exciting competition, we’ve also turned the focus on what you can expect from our sector at the National Exhibition Centre event in Birmingham.

On the legal front, we asked the Leasehold Advisory Service’s Richard Hand to clarify who’s responsible for running repairs on a park site.

Things like tree pruning, grass cutting, clearing stagnant water and, dare I say it, snow and ice might seem like they fall sqaurely within the site owner’s remit but there are some interesting quirks and grey areas (see page 80). Happy spring time!

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Alex Melvin, Editor

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